Manual Labour Is a Brilliant Workout

Manual Labour Is A Brilliant Workout

Good evening readers. I have just got in from a hard day shifting gravel for my brother in law. We moved 2 tons of the stuff in a couple of hours and I have to say, boy is it a good workout. But why do you think this is.

Firstly, I reckon that the sheer consistency of the work builds a lot of endurance and fitness. If you are constantly shoveling and shifting and carrying for several hours, you are going to end up fitter in an endurance aspect than you were before.

Something else that may be overlooked is that manual labour is a full body workout. Many people who go to the gym with the goal of getting fit and strong will end up isolating muscles on machines, or with isolation exercises using free weights. This leads to muscle imbalances and possibly can lead to joint troubles.

You may end up, from going to the gym, with what people call chicken legs. But let me tell you, carrying sacks of cement (A practical kind of farmers walk.) and lifting rolls of wire and plastic are going to leave you strong as an ox all over.

This is because you are using your whole body to lift, carry, dig, break, and so on. The time under strain is often much greater than that with a gym workout, You will build up your cardiovascular endurance through shifting barrow loads of cement and gravel, and doing other things like climbing ladders. Also, in a lot of situations, you will be in the great outdoors.

Last, but certainly not least, you get payed to do it!

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The Unique Benefits of Strenuous Exercise

Hello. This is the first post on my blog and I am going to write about something that I believe every man should do. Many (The majority of) people today will do very little exercise in a week, month, or even year. They instead decide to fritter away their lives away in bodies they are not satisfied with. This is obviously no way to live, and yet many people look upon any attempt by someone to improve themselves as “Unnatural and strange”.

Strenuous exercise, the kind that leaves you breathless and shaking from the effort is what you need in your life to build character and fitness. You will learn through this the meaning determination, effort, and personal power.

Determination will help you achieve the goals you dream of. Knowing the meaning of true effort will make you laugh at, and complete with ease the basic and simple tasks that so many people are reluctant to do. Finally, you will learn what you are truly capable of and how hard you can really work when you put your mind to it, and put your heart and soul into it.

All of these things that come from hard exercise will help in all other areas of your life. You will become tougher, you will not take bullshit from anyone that wastes your time, and as time progresses, you will most likely become the fittest person you know. So my friends, I encourage you all to do something that you aren’t sure you can do. Begin it and stick with it until the bitter end. In this case the reward really is in trying, just so long as you go at it like an animal.

Run farther than you have ever run before, swim further, lift more weight, hike further. Further, Faster, Heavier, Harder, Better. That is a surely a motto to live by.